Notice About recruitment of paid banner ad publication companies

August 22, 2018

In our association Web site top page, we raise paid banner ad publications for sightseeing-related suppliers. Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association official site has access of approximately 2,600 / 80,000 a month per day as of December, 2016. We are displayed by high rank when we input with "Ishigakijima" and "Yaeyama" in search sites such as Google or Yahoo!, and it is one of the sightseeing information sites, at first, to see when we check sightseeing information of Ishigakijima. We have various inquiries from a large number of people who looked at event information and facility information placed in our association Web site. In addition, it is setting that this meeting Web site stands up with access when we use available "ishigaki Free Wi-Fi" at central city area and each site in Shimauchi. We have you see this meeting Web site, and many of you using sightseeing purpose and ishigaki Free Wi-Fi conjugate. How about effectively utilizing this pay banner ad space by all means?

※You can apply for publication application for paid banner ad any place other than the member company of Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association.
・Application method: You attach banner image, publication rate to our association, and, after filling out matter necessary for application, please apply.


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