[recommended information] Member company news, campaign notice

August 15, 2018

We publish news and campaign notice of member company of general Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association.
In the case of Ishigakijima sightseeing, please make use of information provided by each member company. Please refer to each company, store for detailed inquiry of each event and campaign directly.

[guest house pretty Good] "The accommodations of women-only dormitory type are open"

prettygood03.gifAccommodations opening of "women-only dormitory type" situated in a good location in Shineicho
Security facilities are all possible measures, locking automatically door and outdoors lights with feeling of person sensor, too
We are fully equipped with valuables locker
The facility is "Free Wi-Fi" environment
In cooperating neighborhood restaurant "uerukamudoringusabisu"

[address] 〒 907-0014 10-24, Shineicho, Ishigaki-shi
[check-in] From 16:00 to 19:00 (when it becomes after ※, please consult)
[check-out] 11:00
Contact Guest house pretty Good (manager / tajika)
 TEL: 080-6483-0123