[recommended information] Member company news, campaign notice

February 16, 2018

We publish news and campaign notice of member company of general Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association.
In the case of Ishigakijima sightseeing, please make use of information provided by each member company. Please refer to each company, store for detailed inquiry of each event and campaign directly.


[Ishigakijima Yaeyama sightseeing service] Souvenir "original handicraft Shi-Sa- painting" of Ishigakijima is popular!

Shi-Sa- painting. jpg

By Ishigakijima Yaeyama sightseeing service (experience-based studio Coral blue), one all handmade forms experiences painting of one original Shi-Sa- different in our restaurant. For memory of Ishigakijima, how about only one as souvenir which there is not in the world? Size prepares large made four kinds from mini.
*1,620 yen * size 2,160 yen out of mini-540 yen * small 1,080 yen *

[business hours] From 10:00 to 20:00 (no fixed holiday)
Contact Ishigakijima Yaeyama sightseeing service (the charge / eight beach)
TEL: 0980-83-2333 FAX: 0980-87-5871
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