About using the site

July 1, 2013

General Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association runs this site.
We send helpful information to sightseeing in Ishigakijima in member information of our meeting mainly.

We are about contents published in "Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association homepage" with extreme caution, but Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association (the following, our meeting) cannot take any responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of our homepage. Our meeting tries for the improvement about quality of information placed in "Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association homepage", but we do not guarantee and cannot take responsibility for all about accuracy of information at all. In addition, we do not guarantee and cannot take all responsibility about stable operation of system at all either. About loss and the damage that occurred for stop, defect of this service and them, we cannot take all responsibility. We cannot take all responsibility for damage, the damage that covered because user accessed "Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association homepage" in our meeting under any circumstance.

●About service●
When we correspond to one of each next issue, we may stop all or part of service offer without prior notice.
1.When we perform periodical maintenance such as system carrying out service and electric equipment
2.When some kind of malfunction occurs and when maintenance is necessary for system carrying out service and electric equipment for the evasion
3.When we investigate maintenance for at time when trace such as intervention or criminal act of third party was accepted by system carrying out service and electric equipment and the evasion
4.When stop of service is demanded based on legal grounds by some kind of legal action
5.When our meeting judges continuation of service to be difficult by some kind of circumstances

●Privacy Policy●
User that "Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association homepage" is used can use all services without disclosure of personal information. But when we correspond to one of the next issues, please offer personal information (full name, address, phone number, FAX number, e-mail), but we manage severely in our meeting and we disclose for third party and may not provide.
1.When we receive request of document request than user
2.When, about inquiry that we received than user, we answer by some kind of reasons some other time

Ishigaki-city tourism exchange association
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