Taira family

March 19, 2015

Taira family

☆Accommodation & meal
☆We perform staying "folk song show" banquet.
☆Professional fisher (Masayoshi Taira) Sann cooks "fish produced by light diving".
There are other various menus, too.
☆Tourists individual, dishes do "fish which we caught by fishing" in our restaurant, too.
 ※But we charge the little price as we use seasoning.

☆We enjoy snorkel → As for the produced fish, the place eats "nigiri sushi on board".
☆We perform "we make fish and cook and eat and experience" in Taira family.
☆We perform natural experience-based "Hirakubo Sagaribana weeding, tree planting" on-site training.

It is Ibaruma "marine sightseeing & fisher dishes" Taira family blessed with "Hirakubo peninsula environment and sightseeing" from the Ishigaki city for approximately 40 minutes (32km.).
Than customer "Very rhinoceros Coe sa! When favorite Family (the fourth generation family), once of, poor joke come, and see, want to come many times; is fun, and is heart healed shop warm, and toka "fishery products which caught by snorkeling, meal only for oneself are fun, and remain for memory", and to is said to be, and is fun at all when heard! There is decorated letter of I pride that was greatly written to block bay when we come for Ibaruma. You turn right at there, and please go ahead approximately 20m. Art object of Ryukyu drum (Ibaruma East Coast wrack happosuchiroru) invites customer to my (Yaeko Taira) vaunted product at entrance of shop. There are height lots such as << at northern part original scenery, time judging from snorkel, octuple circle banquet, folk song show, creative dance instruction, martial art instruction, consultation of trouble >> in Taira family. There are natural on-site training of student, waterfall ascetic practices, shellwork instruction. Masayoshi Taira of storekeeper is 63 years old of 45 years in sea career. We catch fish in light interlopers and do from dishes to serving meals. When we are young, we go for prefectural tournament many times in Yaeyama volleyball club and are parent and child of athlete. In addition, we perform activities such as volunteer beach clean activity groups called sea Love network unless personal matter, Yaeko Taira carry out many activities and post on FM stone wall sun sun radio personality and martial art instruction, local welfare officer children's committee, magazine, newspaper. Anyway! You come to play, and please see to try swimming guo body which is idle in Taira family!


Store name  Taira family
The store location  〒9070332 Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa 97, Ibaruma
Phone number  0980-89-2588
FAX  0980-83-3238
Business hours  From 9:00 to 21:00
Regular holiday  Nothing
Website  http://taira-family.jugem.jp/
Foreign language correspondence  Impossibility
Sign language correspondence  Impossibility
Use of wheelchair  Possible
Credit card  Impossibility
Airport  Car
Hanarejima terminal  Car
Parking lot  Existence
Pickup and drop-off  Nothing
Form  Is place of power spot, and enjoy in dining room, the sanshin folk song show (there is sometimes), guest house, sea; ranch information existing scenery
Information update day  The 2014/03/19 information update secretariat person in charge