About request of document, brochure

January 10, 2018

All the shipment documents become delivery by cash on delivery (yuumeru, delivery to home). 
We would like to request document after the consent beforehand. (the postage varies according to * weight)

・When request can fill out with cash on delivery approval finished by FAX, I can send early.
 As you may call for other contents confirmation, please fill in phone number in addition.
 In addition, you download "document request FAX paper" on request by FAX, and please request. 

・The number of copies includes thing with limit, too. When sorry for your inconvenience, but you can call earlier, in the case of various hope, I can send smoothly. 

・Time may suffer from Motoichi before arrival for Hanarejima without there being load when load is time when it is full at climatic condition and airplane than rule.
  We think whether person of dispatch comes, but would appreciate your doing document request with margin on the date.

・When you are asked on the evening of Friday, please note that shipment is Monday of the next week.

[FAX document request paper downloading]
In the case of document request by FAX, please use. You fill in all the applicable matters, and please fax.
We would like downloading of request paper than the following link.
 Document request FAX paper (50.7KBytes)

 omote-1 (cover) .jpg
・To ... rito - riyokoso Ishigakijima
(Ishigakijima sightseeing spot summary / all of the islands map)
Issuance: Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association
▼Publication contents are as follows.
omote-1 (cover) .pdf(555KBytes)
omote-2 (Kabira gulf, other introductions) .pdf(1.02MBytes)
omote-3 (Ishigakijima event calendar) .pdf(703KBytes)
omote-4 (island souvenir) .pdf(714KBytes)
omote-5 (Maibara Yaeyama palm stock, other introductions) .pdf(790KBytes)
omote-6 (island rice, island fruit) .pdf(854KBytes)
omote-7 (islands of Yaeyama) .pdf(1.45MBytes)
omote-8 (access from Ishigakijima to each Hanarejima) .pdf(829KBytes)
ura-1 (Ishigakijima all of the islands map, city area map) .pdf(3.26MBytes)
ura-2 (member company table) .pdf(1.69MBytes)

・painu island story (A4)
(sightseeing summary / Shimauchi map of islands of Taketomichou)
Issuance: Taketomi-cho tourism association

・It is coOK medical office location map Yonagunijima /Dr
(Yonagunijima sightseeing spot summary / all of the islands map)
Issuance: Yonagunichou Tourism Association

tanoshima 2018.jpg

・We enjoy comfortable island / (2017.11)
(Ishigakijima, Taketomijima, Iriomotejima sightseeing map)
Origin of issuance: IJU Yaeyama office
When you want 20 copies or more, please refer to origin of issuance directly.
・Rikka Dokka obtain; Mountain
(Ishigakijima, Taketomijima, Kohamajima, others)
 Origin of issuance:
When you want 20 copies or more, please refer to origin of issuance directly.


Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association
Telephone: 0980-82-2809
Facsimile: 0980-83-6296