Usage of our site

June 28, 2013

About function

Even if Ishigaki-City Tourism Exchange Association does not install special software, the following functions are included by default.

※When we invalidate Javascript by setting of browser of the use as we use JavaScript, we may not work definitely. We hope that we have Javascript remain in effect by setting of browser.

※We may not cope depending on page.


Change of size

Small  We display letter in 10pt.
Medium We display letter in 12pt. (stock size)
Large  We display letter in 17pt.


Change of background color

Black  We are with background color in black.
Blue  We are with background color in blue.
White  We are with background color in white. (standard color)


Indication of furigana

We soak furigana  We add furigana to kanji.

※You always act as improvement for mistranslation, but please note that you may not intend because it becomes machine reason.


Sound reading

Read aloud  We read aloud with letter as sound.



About recommended environmental browser

We recommend version of the following browsers to have you read page more comfortably.

  • More than Internet Explorer 8
  • The Chrome latest edition
  • The Firefox latest edition
  • The Safari latest edition