[E] If we meet with typhoon in Ishigakijima

March 31, 2015

If we meet with typhoon in Ishigakijima

A lot of typhoons approach from the beginning of summer to the early fall (at the end of June to October). Moreover, they are new born extreme strong typhoons. Fierce stormy wind is blowing. 

Notes when you' re caught in a typhoon!
If you are caught in a typhoon during a trip to Ishigaki Island, be very careful of the following things. It is You cannot figure out what will be coming to fly to you. When a typhoon approaches and a high-wind warning is issued, never go out with your interest When a high-wind warning is issued, the storm is fierce and dangerous enough to overthrow houses and utility poles. 
Going to see big waves is out of the question!

When a typhoon is approaching, flights and sailings to remote islands are surely cancelled. If you are already in remote islands, you are supposed to be retained until the typhoon passed through. As boarding your plane on your way back is affected, be careful of the flight to remote islands when approaching a typhoon. 

Your boarding plane should be cancelled …

In case of a group tour, follow the instruction of a tour conductor. For an individual travel, receive a standby ticket and wait for starting operation.

When your number is called after operation, proceed to board. Pay attention to information at the Airport because a relief service may be available. 

Collecting information by phone
Ishigaki Island Local Meteorological Observatory Tel: 0980-83-0772
NTT weather dial Tel: 177

Collection information by radio
FM Ishigaki Sun-sun radio 76.1MHz
NHK-FM         78.0MHz
NHK first Radio       540KHz

Collecting information by Internet
Typhoon information of Meteorological Observatory     http, //www.jma.go.jp/typh/

If you should be caught in a typhoon in Ishigaki Island, don' t be panic and follow its typhoon information.