[E] Precaution of sea play

March 31, 2015

Anemone fish

There is beautiful sea in Yaeyama, being surrounded with coral reefs. You can enjoy various colors of sea outside such as emerald green, marine blue and cobalt blue. Into the sea there are colorful coral reefs and various creatures around them.    
Sea bathing is fun. Looking into the sea with a snorkel is the best part of playing in the sea of Yaeyama. The sea inside is beautiful but nowadays the corals are damaged. Various causes are told, but one of them is that by humans getting into the sea, the corals are unconsciously broken. 

It is important to know the sea well. 
We have to know the sea well to enjoy rich and important nature so that we may not damage it.
It is difficult to understand because it is different from our usual life, but we can protect the sea with a little care. 
◎Don' t ride and stand on the coral whose upper side is not flat. (Especially be careful of branch corals as they are easily broken!)
◎Avoid giving food not to cause ecological damage.
And so on.
The sea is beautiful and we can enjoy it, but if didn' t know about the sea, how to play at the sea, and the sea creatures, it might cause an unexpected accident. We don' t have to be afraid more than necessary, but let' s enjoy the sea with the right knowledge.