Notice Evening performance schedule (6/21 update) of 2018 folk art

June 21, 2018

 Evening of folk art

It is performed twice every month in hall out of Ishigaki civic center in evening of folk art. It is event leading all of you to song of Yaeyama and the world of dance. We sang in everyday living and danced, and folk entertainment of Yaeyama has been inherited as well as place of festival in hope of rich crop. In evening of folk art, variety that there is dance that there is song in in can enjoy folk entertainment of Yaeyama which came from this life by rich program.
 Entertainment of Yaeyama Islands occurred from festival and farming. We are separated by singing and dancing to amuse gods, dancing, songs and ballads, drum when we classify roughly. It is godlike person exchange of courtesies in case of kommaneki ri, soul calming down, and singing and dancing to amuse gods is thought to be mother's body of entertainment occurrence.
Dances of graceful gesture that received stimulation of entertainment culture out of the island from simple simple thing played in garden are a great variety of, and dancing includes dancing by song from a suite dance (knob Ann Gama dance, winding dance), prayer to Buddha entertainment (performing the prayer's dance, tray Ann Gama), Shishimai, priest's implement dance (stick dance, sickle dance, umbrella dance, komussa, tool dance), Michi Ney (kneading on fire of kneading on fire, mushama of Maitreya), hereditary song and ballad and song of knob. Hereditary song and ballad was prayer that prayed God for prosperity staying young of people if fertile in the old combination system and was the chanting of a Noh text that encouraged labor.
We waited for introduction of samisen, and the family with samurai antecedents layer was based on rhetoric and melody of hereditary song and ballad, and it was song of gnarl to have sublimated as songs and ballads of refined account, and, besides, songs and ballads of lyricism have been brought up, too. In addition, there are many things considered to pull the genealogy of mainland entertainment about drum.
It is said to be "village of kuni, dance of kuni, song (the chanting of a Noh text) of poetry" in Yaeyama in this way as treasure house of a wide variety of superior entertainments.
               References: Meeting "Mahoroba of the south" 2001 of Yaeyama tour guide volunteer

Evening performance itinerary of folk art

[the held number of times]  [the date]      [appearance group]
 The 451st      Friday, April 20 Ryukyu classical music Nomura style preservation society Yaeyama branch office
 The 452nd      Friday, April 27 original form orthodox school society Masako Akayama Yaeyama folk dancing kneading on fire ground
 Everybody of Children's Day performance Sunday, April 29 child Institute
 Mother's Day performance    Last night periodical performance appearance group of Sunday, May 13 folk arts
 The 453rd     Friday, May 25 shufukaikasaharaminkohachijusamminzokumaiodorikenkyusho
 The 454th     Friday, June 15 gyokujoryukakerisetsuhiromeko*kaiheidenhiromeko*maidojo
 The 455th     Friday, June 22 shufukaihonseishuhachijusamminzokumaiodorikenkyusho
 The 456th     Friday, July 13 Miyara continuing for a long time meeting of the same discipline ※6/20 mention addition
 The 457th     Institute for Friday, July 20 joy Ougi society Seiko Motonaka, Mutsuko Okayama Yaeyama folk dancing
 Institute for the 458th Friday, October 5 light Ougi society Hisako Ogido Yaeyama folk dancing
 Institute for the 459th Friday, October 26 drift of stars star style meeting Maemori Fumi Yaeyama folk dancing
 Special performance Saturday, November 3 Ishigakijima Matsuri special performance
 Institute for the 460th Friday, November 16 light Ougi meeting 8, Yonago, Tonoshiro Shigeyama folk dancing
 Institute for the 461st Friday, November 23 light Ougi meeting Une sacred sake child Yaeyama folk dancing
 Institute for the 462nd Friday, December 7 light Ougi society Tokiko Shimabukuro Yaeyama folk dancing
 The 463rd Friday, December 21 hachijusammaiodoritsutomeoryusagakichisendai*kaikyujosendaimaiodorikenkyusho

[the held number of times]  [the date]      [appearance group]
 The 464th      Dance lesson dojo studio of meeting Hisae Yonaguni Yaeyama of Friday, January 11 bloom 1,000
 The 465th      Institute for Friday, January 25 light Ougi society Takako Kuroishi Yaeyama folk dancing
 The 466th      Institute for meeting Kazuko Omori Yaeyama folk dancing of Friday, February 1 bloom 1,000
 The 467th        Institute for Friday, February 22 light Ougi society Haruko Ohama Yaeyama folk dancing
 The 469th        Friday, March 22 light Ougi society Tomoko Shinjo Yaeyama dancing lesson ground

[the 451st - 469th periodical performance]
 Venue: Hall out of Ishigaki civic center
 Opening time: 19:30
 Showtime: 20:00
 Performance time: Approximately one hour
 Charge: Of 500 yen per person (paid more than high school student)
      On the day we sell ticket in Institute for sale or appearance in venue.

      ※As for the Ishigakijima Matsuri special performance, admission is free on November 3

 Contact Ishigaki-city tourism exchange association
      (TEL: 0980-82-2809)


Evening of folk art