[sacred rites] 2018 Ishigaki Yutaka Shimauchi anniversary itinerary

June 11, 2018

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It was fertile and thanked for staple grains of this year, and it was at season when "Hounenn festival" to pray for good harvest of the world in next summer was held in each Shimauchi area.
※Hounenn festival follows manner not to disturb event that is local important traditional event, and let's observe.

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 ▼Hounenn festival image video


 Hounenn festival in each island of Taketomichou is as follows

For more details, please refer to "Taketomi-cho tourism association".

▼Hounenn festival
*Haterumajima Friday, June 29 

*Hatomajima from Friday, July 20 to 22nd Sunday

*Iriomotejima Funauki Saturday, July 21

*Kuroshima Sunday, July 22

*Taketomijima Sunday, July 29 30th Monday 

*Iriomotejima Hoshitate Monday, July 30 31st Tuesday

*Haterumajima Bon according to the old calendar event Friday, August 24


▼Seed up Festival (tanadui)
*Taketomijima Thursday, October 25 26th Friday