[event] Star Festival 2018 of south island

June 27, 2018

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"The Star Festival of south island" that becomes held the 17th-year in this year
We colonize as summer feature of Ishigakijima, but, commencing with light down starlit sky observation fair by fair of Yaeyama star which turns off light of island this year, and is performed, send by Natsukawa rimisan (we hold an additional post of Taketomichou sightseeing ambassador) of Ambassador sightseeing in Ishigakishi and Skoop On Somebody Sann of Ambassador Ishigakishi Milky Way, various contents including symposium associated with showcase, star and space of the Ishigakijima astronomical observatory and VERA observation station other than consecutive appearance and live to enjoy the cool of the evening of ozakarenji keisuke Sann and others that it is this year for three years.

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Contact information

Star Festival executive committee WEB/https://star-festival.amebaownd.com/ of south island

Address / 14, Misakicho, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa (sightseeing in Ishigakishi government office culture inside of a section)



Star Festival 2018, held schedule from Saturday, August 11, 2018 to 19th Sunday no charge for admission of south island 
"Light down starlit sky observation meeting & evening enjoying the cool air live"

Date and time /8 18 days a month Saturday  Opening /17:00, start /18:00

Appearance / Natsukawa rimi, Skoop On Somebody, ozakarenji keisuke

Other / starlit sky weddings

Starlit sky commentary by meeting of Ishigakijima simultaneous light down /21:00 - 21:30 NPO Yaeyama star

Place / south nu Hamacho green tract of land Park (port of Ishigaki new port district)

"Star Festival memory lecture"

Date and time /8 19 days a month Sunday opening /13:00, start /13:30, curtain /16:30

Place / South of beautiful flowers Hotel Miyahira

Professor lecture / ① University of Tokyo Ikoma ocean associate professor ② National Astronomical Observatory stand head Saku Tokita

Program / ① "approaches in mystery of Jupiter which brought the Jupiter - sea"

    ②With "the sun and planet and life"

*We carry out "song of Chura star" "starlit sky photo contest" award ceremony on the same day

"VERA observation station showcase"

Date and time /8 12 days a month Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

The place /VERA Ishigakijima observation station (Koda district)

Inquiry /0980-88-0011

"4D2U experience theater"

Date and time /8 11 days a month from Saturday to Sunday, August 19 ※Reservation required (there is no for 13.14 days)

It is 30 00-15 /15 at the screening time

Place / Ishigakijima astronomical observatory (room of starlit sky learning)

Reservation /0980-88-0013 (reception hours from 10:00 to 17:00) 

"Heavenly bodies observation society"

Date and time /8 11 days a month from Saturday to Sunday, August 19 ※Reservation required (there is no for 13.14.18 day) (each around 30 time capacity)

Time / ① 20:00 ~② 21:00 ...

Place / Ishigakijima astronomical observatory

Reservation /0980-88-0013 (reception hours from 10:00 to 17:00)

"Visit to night meteorological observatory society"

Date and time /8 14 days a month Tuesday, Wednesday, August 15 ※Reservation required (each around 20 time capacity)

Time / ① 19:30 ~② 20:30 ...

Place / Ishigakijima meteorological observatory

 Reservation /0980-82-2170