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Anyway, Ishigakijima located at southernmost tip, 24 degrees N of Japan is easy to spend annual mean temperature with 24 degrees warmly even in winter!
Doorway to islands of individual Yaeyama full of charm that culture including Taketomijima that house of Iriomotejima which 90% are the Anettai jungles, and rare creatures inhabit a lot of island and red cement tile roof and white sand way greatly secondly let traditional Okinawa feel and the history and dialect are different in Okinawakenn! We saw with magazine and TV, and charm of true Ishigakijima does not come still more!
Let's go out on trip to conflict with the clear sea and sky, magnificent untouched Nature and traditional cityscape and traditional culture blue♪

This and that of Yaeyama

What kind of place is Yaeyama? What kind of thing can Ishigakijima do?
Land where tradition fused with culture if Yaeyama was natural. We introduce part.

Malin leisure

Island (Malin leisure) of sea play

Sea play season opens curtain with sea biraki event of Yaeyama held in island of one of the Yaeyama Islands (Ishigakishi, Taketomichou, Yonagunichou) in March as a start every year. Charm of sightseeing spot is full so as to be accompanied by the Okinawa's first three star "Kabira gulf" and evaluation of two star "Ishigakijima" in mishuranguringaidojapon! Excellent scenic spot "Gulf of country designation that is said to be even if we rise and change into the prismatic colors by pull and light and angle of the sun of the tide of Kabira" is sightseeing spot which many tourists visit of popularity from home and abroad! Between Ishigakijima and Iriomotejima, there is coral reef sea area proud of the nation's largest area called Sekisei Lagoon (cough result Shoko), and colorful coral or tropical fish inhabit the sea shining in emerald green. Because encounter rate with creature of the rare seas which we cannot usually see such as manta or sea turtle is very high, we can enjoy Malin activities such as diving or snorkeling! In addition, relief, security can enjoy sea bathing with children as there is beach equipped with facilities of net for prevention of Habu jellyfish invasion other than shower or locker including [south nu Hamacho beach] [Sukuji Beach] [Maesato Beach] of Ishigakishi designation in island! We recommend that the sea takes a walk while feeling unhurried wind of Ishigakijima in sea kayaking and stand-upper paddle surfing (SUP)♪

Island (traditional event) of religious service

We perform Hounenn festival, Ha-Ri-, Bon according to the old calendar that are local event and various traditional events or Shinto ritual in Okinawa region in the old calendar. Bon according to the old calendar is called "so Ron" in Yaeyama district and, on July 13 of the old calendar, pigeon says for 14, three days equal to 15th and worships ancestor with Buddhist altar of each house and holds a service. In each area in Ishigakishi, we can see "angama line" for three days during so Ron period. Group of apparitions of a living person who came from the next world (call guso in Yaeyama) disguises itself as this angama line with masks and does in total in this world in Bon according to the old calendar. We parade around the village with sanshin and flute, drum and song and visit family invited in each area. Representative of this line says "angama" and puts on mask, and two people of (ushumai) and (mmi) take Farmer (we put on Hanako, flower shade and cover face with towel and hang sunglasses and are in charge of sanshin, drum, dance.) equal to child and grandchild in representative from the next world (guso) expressing ancestor, [old man * old man] Grandfather and [uba * oina] Grandmother, dialect, and, about "nimbujabuduri" said to be performing the prayer's dance in front of Buddhist altar of house which we visited noisily and guso and temporal difference, ushumai and mmi reply by falsetto for question from visitors humorously. Golden opportunity that "angama line" that we can see only in Ishigakijima conflicts with traditional culture!

Festival (traditional event) of island

Island of starlit sky

Island of starlit sky

In "Ishigakijima becoming doorway of Yaeyama Islands located at southernmost tip, 24 degrees N of Japan," constellation of nandin appears on the horizon and can see 84 constellations, all 21 whole sky first class stars among whole sky 88 constellations. It turns out that it is world top-level, and starlit sky environment (darkness of night sky) of Yaeyama is right actually "starlit sky of world heritage grade". Yaeyama Islands having such starlit sky environment is the nation's first "starlit sky sanctuary authorization proposed site". In Ishigakijima, "the Star Festival of south island" is held every year in schedule when the Star Festival of the old calendar is near, and we put all out lights in island, and let's see the Milky Way! Light down event called this or outdoor live by artist from hometown are carried out. Popularity such as starlit sky observation tours is high as night sightseeing menu, and, in here these days, starlit sky guide shows around wonderful night sky (starlit sky) of Ishigakijima using tourist facility or double-deckers such as hotels. Please spend a time of healing luxuriously in natural planetarium.
Image offer: Ishigakijima astronomical observatory / starlit sky tourism

Event of Yaeyama

There are extremely many annual events of Yaeyama! Some event holds even if we come to play whenever.
We introduce particularly famous event in that.

The most Southern region of Japan, the Yaeyama ocean opens

Sea play season opens curtain with sea biraki event of Yaeyama held in island of either of Yaeyama Islands (Ishigakishi, Taketomichou, Yonagunichou) on the stage of the sea of rich Yaeyama Islands located at the southernmost tip of Japan around the Vernal Equinox Day of March as a start in earnest! We declare Miss Yaeyama the old and the new alternating function of Yaeyama sightseeing goodwill ambassador and sea biraki and can enjoy early summer arrival in south island in the first swimming, second including experience-based beach attraction!

Ishigakijima triathlon

Triathlon meeting that is held in the southernmost Ishigakijima of Japan blessed with rich nature and warm climate every year in April. Triathlon course that wind that is moderate among the seas of beautiful cobalt blue is comfortable, and the whole island is comfortable! We attract attention as resort triathlon, and entries from foreign countries are increasing year by year, too. Course is swimming 1.5km, motorcycle 40km, orchid 10km. Triathlete which came from the whole country run through natural full island.

Ha-Ri- [fisher festival]

Traditional event of fishers (Uminnchu) in hope of big catch of this year. Brave figure of fishers keeping rowing Sabani powerfully nails eyes of beholder! As for "the overturn Ha-Ri-," all teams overthrow in particular ship with monaka, signal rowing ship all at once. Raise ship, and all the members get in and are begun to row again earlier; decisive factor of game? It is competition that the audience swells most and is excited. In addition, job area opposition Ha-Ri- and Madonna Ha-Ri- are held at the same time, too, and venue does well very much. We are told that the rainy season is over if bell of Ha-Ri- resounds on May 4 of the old calendar.

Hounenn festival

It is fertile and thanks for staple grains of this year, and "Hounenn festival" to pray for good harvest of the world in next summer is held in each area of Shimauchi. Content varies according to areas, but Arakawa, Okawa, Tonoshiro, 4 areas of Ishigaki are congruent, and, as for the Hounenn festival of four characters to perform, the first day does offering in Utaki of each character, and "on pool" to pray for good harvest is "irregularity pool" which the second day performs mainly on dedication entertainment. Heroic tsunanumin coming up after two days of Hounenn feast day must see it! Furthermore, we will enjoy Hounenn festival with islanders as tourists can participate in "general rules pull" performed for the end game of festival!

The Star Festival of south island

Of judging from "all yo perfect score light is downed by light of Ishigakijima all of the islands all at once, and, under the theme of the Milky Way," observe the Milky Way, and there are outdoors lives by artist from hometown, too. Various events including lecture in conjunction with star are carried out for one week as Star Festival week.
Image offer: Ishigakijima astronomical observatory

tubarama meeting

Meeting to sing masterpiece Tuva Rama who sings under the harvest moon with tubarama meeting from ancient times on August 13 of the old calendar, and is inherited in special outdoors venue, and to compete. "tubarama" is decided to undergo melody and lists "love" consisting of negotiations of man and woman and "hot thought to hometown" on the lyrics and shows on sanshin and tone of flute.

Hotel of Yaeyama

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